Pet Thrive Box for Cats – Single Box


What’s in a Pet Thrive Cat Box?

Cats are obligate carnivores and need a moisture rich diet. Because we strive for the best health and well-being of your cat, kibble will never be included in your box. It is dehydrating and full of unnecessary carbohydrates which defeats a true feline diet. We select the best wet, air dried and freeze-dried raw diets to keep your cat hydrated, healthy and happy.

Each box contains:

    • Freeze-dried raw or air dried food OR only wet food selections
    • 1 to 2 bags of feline friendly treats
    • 1 – 2 wet food selections
    • 1 enriching toy
    • Nourishing supplements and other offerings on occasion

Order by 15th of the month. Ships between the 27th-30th.

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Order by 15th of the month.  Ships between the 27th-30th.


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