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GET THE BOX The best pet foods, treats, supplements and well-being goods specially curated by a Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist.


What is a Pet Thrive Box?2020-08-14T15:32:13+00:00

A cautiously curated selection of species appropriate foods, treats and supplements designed to enhance your pets health and well-being.

Products are chosen based on the ingredients, company and manufacturing standards as well as the benefit to your pet. The included products are designed to deter diet boredom, allergies and balance out nutrients.

What is in each Pet Thrive Box?2020-08-17T15:14:06+00:00

Each dog box contains a package of holistic dog food, 2 to 3 bags of treats or chews, an edible dental chew or natural dog chew as well as nourishing and therapeutic supplements on occasion.

Each cat box contains only a selection of wet foods or a bag of freeze-dried raw or air dried food (never kibble), 1 to 2 bags of feline friendly treats, 1 – 2 selections of wet food, an enriching toy as well as nourishing and therapeutic supplements on occasion.

When will I be billed?2020-08-14T15:28:29+00:00

Your Pet Thrive Box subscription order will automatically renew each month, every two months or every year depending on which plan you choose.

You are billed on the 15th of every month or every other month. Yearly plans are paid in full at time of subscription sign up.

You can cancel your subscription anytime. Please note, refunds are not given should you suspend your subscription.

Do you offer refunds?2020-07-18T20:52:32+00:00

We do not offer full or partial refunds for our subscription service, and we do not accept returned items. If your subscription has already started, we will not provide a partial refund for your remaining subscription term.

Can I cancel my subscription?2020-08-14T15:30:24+00:00

We hate to see you go! You are welcome to cancel your subscription anytime, but please do so by the 14th of each month. Subscriptions are billed on the 15th of each month. Please note we do not offer refunds should you suspend your subscription.

We are committed to helping your pet thrive and enjoy the products in their boxes. If there is something that is not working, please let us know so we can continue making your pet excited to receive their box!

How much is shipping?2020-07-18T20:52:58+00:00

Shipping is free within the contiguous United States! There is an additional low fee of $6.00 for our Alaska and Hawaii customers. We are currently only shipping to USA (excluding Guam and Puerto Rico). We ship via USPS.

When will my Pet Thrive Box ship?2020-08-14T15:31:03+00:00

Boxes are shipped between the 27th and 30th of the month.

How do I contact customer support?2020-07-18T20:53:18+00:00

We are happy to help! Please send an email to or drop us a note on the Contact page.

If you are contacting us regarding your subscription order, please include the full name the subscription is under along with your order number.

We will be in touch within 24 hours.

Where do the products come from?2020-07-18T20:53:28+00:00

We only source our food and treats from companies who truly care about pet health and well-being. We seek to include products from small businesses, new to market companies, sustainable, organic and Eco-conscious brands whenever we can! We will not include food and treats from China.

Why gift your pet with a Pet Thrive Box?2020-07-18T20:53:42+00:00

We have your pets ultimate health and well-being in mind. Since Pet Thrive Box is owned by a Certified Clinical Pet Nutritionist, you can rest assured we have done our homework on bringing your pet the most unique, new, exciting and species appropriate food, treats, supplements and CBD products on the pet market. Not every food, treat, chew or supplement is competent for our standards.

Why don’t we include dog toys in your Pet Thrive Box?2020-07-18T20:53:53+00:00

We are primarily focused on nutrition and well-being. However, there are times we may come across something that is extremely exciting and enhances mental stimulation which will for sure be included!

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